The Coach

A coach is the focal point within sports; they bring out the best results by creating a nurturing environment. A coach is aware of the capabilities of the group and seeks to enhance them through plans, analysis, and studying. Good coaches can assess the game as it develops and understand the importance of tactics – ultimately a coach is a leader.


  • Manager – Assist others and control affairs within a club
  • Leader – Guide decisions, plan, organise, and influence team morale
  • Philosopher – Demonstrate a set of shared beliefs and principles
  • Sports Trainer – Demonstrate knowledge of safe practice and effectively improve athletes’ skills and tactics
  • Selector – Must choose the best and most suitable athletes for a team
  • Psychologist – Deal with various personalities and mental aspects of sport
  • Student – Upgrade knowledge of game and coaching process
  • Communicator – Provide clear instruction and feedback


Types of Coaches

  • Authoritarian – Strong disciplinarian, well organised, good team spirit during wins, may be feared of disliked
  • Business Like – Intelligent, logical, organised, up to date with new techniques, expects 100%, may set goals too high
  • Nice Guy – Well liked, players can take advantage of their easy nature, gets on well with players of similar temperament
  • Intense – Emphasises winning, high anxiety which can transmit to players
  • Easy Going – Very casual, impression they’re not taking the game seriously, may not be prepared to drive team, may be well liked but inadequate




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