General Sports Rehab III

This post will be a toe dip into a general rehabilitation plan.

This grid can be useful for physiotherapists and the general rehab team in examining and maintaining an athlete’s recovery. Obviously not every injury will be a perfect twelve week layoff – some are significantly longer – and each section can vary in length dependent upon progress, nonetheless it’s a good framework to use. The aims in the first column are fairly straight forward as to what they are and how they relate to recovery. (Prioprioception is the body’s ability to sense movements within the joints and their position; an ability to know where the limbs are in space without needing to look).


Things to consider
– Some athletes do not deal well with injuries whereas others need to see a long term plan to focus on, so it can be beneficial to get an athlete’s input.
– In professional sports, you will more than likely have pre-injury data to compare progress, but this is unlikely to be the case for amateur levels.
– Regular meetings to focus on the athlete’s aims with measurable targets are essential


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