President Trump

You know when we think back on the Second World War, the Nazi regime, and the Holocaust, we ask ourselves “how did we let that happen?”. It’s an important question but not one I want to address on this website. However, Trump today is being inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States of America.  I’ll make no secret that I do not support that man or any of his staff – and thankfully somebody has spent enough time on the internet to compile a list of people associated with the NHL who have offered support to Trump in some way. You can find that list here.

Whilst liking an instagram photo or a retweet may not equate to staunch Trump support, it is definitely not opposition. I’m providing this link because I believe these sports organisations rely on your time, money, and interest and I want you to be aware if there are staff in these organisations that align themselves with a man who does not respect the existence of many, many groups of people.

People are fully entitled to their own political views, but when that view infringes on basic human rights and seeks to exploit, humiliate, and hurt others then you must speak up. On Monday, the United States celebrated the life and legacy of a man who was assassinated in his fight for equal rights then on Friday inaugurated a president who stands to reverse any progress. In four years, if we find ourselves asking “how did we let that happen?” the answer is by staying silent and allowing these things to happen without resistance.



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