Fitness Instructor – 19 Days To Go

With nineteen days remaining until my fitness instructor course, guess it’s time for an update… My online e-learning has all been completed – whether I have learnt it or not is another matter entirely.

As for the fitness side:

  • I’ve hit the gym 6 times
  • Played a solid hour of badminton twice¬†93289.jpg

Not so good!!

I have signed up to a trek in Poland up Mount Rysy in May so I think I really should be hitting that treadmill a bit more frequently! There’s the mountain on the right, so if I don’t improve my fitness, there is a very real chance I will die (perhaps that’s too dramatic… I could fling myself off of it).


Fitness Instructor

I’m in the process of doing my fitness instructor course through Future Fit Training. The course includes e-learning in preparation for exams with modules including the circulatory & respiratory systems, the skeleton, the muscles, introduction to exercise, and the fitness professional. The course will last three days and covers the physical side too, so I will learn how to use gym equipment and how to induct others into a gym and it gives me the license to lead fitness classes. Four weeks after my initial three day course, I’ll have a practical exam.

When I was a sprightly university student, I went to the gym almost daily, trained in Gaelic football twice a week and played matches at weekends. Since returning, my fitness levels have plummeted, and although I do exercise, it’s far less frequently. So, new year, new me… I’m engaging in a five week fitness plan in the run up to the course as I feel it’s important for my own self-confidence and health to “look the part”, so to speak.

I’ll continue updating each week with progress. The final week of December was my pre-week.

fitness week 1.jpg