Who Run the World? Girls!

The Rio 2016 Olympics are in full swing and we have some ladies who are completely tearing up the game. But why, when a man is an incredible athlete is his success attributed to himself, whereas a woman’s accomplishments are as a result of the men in her life? A woman cannot only be an athlete, it must also be mentioned that she is a wife or a mother.

Corey Cogdell-Unrien, a three time Olympian, recently won bronze in the women’s trap. It made the headlines because she is the wife of an NFL player. “Wife of a Bear’s linesman wins a bronze medal” – She has a name!

I definitely understand that people want equality for women and that we should be recognized for our own accomplishments and attributes outside of who we’re married to or what our husband’s or significant others have accomplished.

Katie Ledecky is destroying swimming records and her competitors. According to NBC commentator, Rowdy Gaines (what a name btw), she swims like a man. Why is it so difficult to acknowledge her ability without comparing it to a man.

Also in the swimming, Katinka Hosszu achieved gold in the 400m individual medley (and broke a world record) and Dan Hicks from NBC turned his attention to Hosszu’s coach/husband, reporting that he was the man responsible for her success. Yeah okay, a coach does play an important role, and as her husband he also provides her with emotional support, but she’s the one swimming!


The list goes on. As team USA’s gymnastics team chatted on the side, one commentator noted they ‘may as well be standing around at the mall’. Yeah, you know, Olympic standard gymnasts have soooo much free time to spend at the mall. Not like these young women are spending 30 hours a week training and trying to maintain their education. Oh yeah, the team lead the competition by 10 points, pretty much a landslide win.

They are women. Some are mothers, some are young, some are married, some are gay. THEY ARE ATHLETES.