NHL All Star Voting!

The voting has opened for the NHL All Star Game – which isn’t actually until the last weekend in January so who knows why it’s open already… but it is!! You can vote here.

As with the 2016 competition, the coming will feature a 3-on-3 toalex-ovechkin-all-star-draft-ftrjpg_1p41lt4w0m3opzf5apx89j8q6urnament between the four divisions as well as the skills competition. I’m still bitter we won’t have a draft because it provided us with many gems.

The Stabley Cap – one of the best hockey related comics around – is running a campaign to get Jordin Tootoo to the game. Since our hero from last year has now retired, I’m backing it.

Why should Tootoo be an all star?

  1. He’s one of the NHL’s best agitators with nearly 900 penalty minutes under his belt
  2. He’s only 5ft 9!
  3. He is the first Inuk player in the NHL
  4. He is the first player from Nunavut in the NHL
  5. His brother, Terence, was arrested for drink driving then committed suicide at only 22 years old. In his suicide note to his brother he wrote “Jor, go all the way. Take care of the family. You’re the man. Terence” – he has encouraged other people to seek help
  6. In 2010, Tootoo entered into the NHL’s substance abuse program to seek help for an alcohol program and has remained sober – something he has been open and honest about.
  7. He does a lot for native youth in Canada.


p.s. happy retirement John Scott – have fun with your four girls!

john scott.png




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