Subban vs Shaw

Remember on the 29th June when Pernell Karl Subban – Montreal’s most adored defenseman – was traded to Nashville? For the sake of this post, it doesn’t matter which team got the better deal out of the Subban-Weber trade. The important point is that rumours swirled it was due to a character issue, i.e. PK’s character didn’t suit Montreal.

It’s a fact I’m still not over. Some people think he dives and whines to the ref. You can say that about any number of players in the league – how many Flyers fans repeatedly say that about Crosby? PK is extraordinary on the ice. Off the ice, Subban has pledged to donate $10million to the Montreal children’s a-one-of-a-kind-customized-canadian-mink-jacket-dyed-cerisehospital – a promise he will keep despite now living in Nashville. He went and surprised the kids and provided them and their families with a winter wonderland surprise, disguised himself as a bus driver to surprise a bunch of children, can perform an excellent rendition of Let It Go, hosted a just for laughs gala, took French lessons so he could communicate better in Montreal, sent a gift to a resident of Fort McMurray whose belongings were destroyed in a forest fire, and the widow of Jean Beliveau used to attend the Bell Center in a Subban jersey and blew kisses to him. Oh, and he’s a dapper gentleman.

The Habs also gained Andrew Shaw from the Chicago Blackhawks this summer. To his credit, Shaw has done well in the NHL considering he’s on the smaller side of an NHLer and won two Stanley Cups with the Blackhawks. His nickname is the mutt because he’s an agitator. When playing for the AHL team, he received a six game suspension for leaving the bench to fight. Four games after returning he received another game ban for a boarding incident.

During a playoff game against the Blues on April 19th 2016, Shaw was suspended for instigating a brawl after the final horn and shouting a homophobic remark at a referee. He apologised and was fined $5000. Then, in a pre-season game for the Habs he was banned for three games for another boarding incident then in October he slew footed a Sabres player at the end of the game. And then a few days ago Shaw had a meltdown in the penalty box.


But sure, Montreal traded PK because his character didn’t fit with the team.


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